addressing market challenges “Allen Bradley”

Addressing market challenges

1. Multiple Disciplines

  • architecture simplification
  • greater information acces
  • faster startup
  • lower maintenance
  • optimized production

2. Scalable dimensions

  • save time and money during your development cycle
  • scale your architecture at any time
  • reduce maintenance cost and downtime

3. Real Time Information

  • define plant-floor resources once and leverage them everywhere
  • use the embedded intelligence from your controller
  • easily move data throughout your architecture

4. One standart network

  • information acces in an “IT Ready” format
  • expendability
  • compability
  • architecture simplification

5, Premier integration

  • speed device configuration
  • speed control, status and diagnostic task
  • improve ease-of-use
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2 thoughts on “addressing market challenges “Allen Bradley”

  1. evakasih berkata:

    aset yang paling berharga dalam diri kita adalah karakter kita

  2. aan setiawan berkata:

    apa itu mas rizqy??
    Benefit AB kah??

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